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More sessions than you could ever attend, unless you can clone yourself.

  • The Analytical Skills Gap: Building the Bridge

    Jordan Morrow, Program Manager - Analytical Learning, Qlik

    With the volume and velocity of data available in the world today, most industries and companies understand the importance of analytics. But unfortunately, there is a real and growing data literacy and analytical skills gap in the workforce today. This skills gap can cause companies major issues, which is why it’s so important to solve this gap to truly have success with the new world of data. Join this session to learn more about the skills gap and its importance, and how to solve it in your organization through the implementation of a strong analytical and data literacy training program.

  • The Top 12 Solutions in Financial Services

    Duncan Ash, Senior Director Global FS, Qlik

    Simon Kirby, Director, FS Industry Solutions, Qlik

    Paul Van Siclen, Director of Market Development, Qlik

    The Qlik Financial Services Team will show a variety of apps which are the most popular solutions implemented by financial services customers across the world. These include Banking, Insurance, and Securities and Investments solutions.

  • The Top 3 Qlik Solutions for Insurance

    Simon Kirby, Director, FS Industry Solutions, Qlik

    Come and see our solutions for 3 of the most common challenges in Insurance: We will cover: 1. How to make better underwriting decisions 2. How to reduce claims costs 3. How to optimize insurance marketing This session will tell the story of how Qlik can be used by different departments collaborating together to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve profitability. We will show how the insights discovered by the underwriting team can be used by the claims and marketing teams to better achieve their own targets and objectives.

  • Optimizing the risk / reward equation – maximizing profit for an appropriate level of risk.

    Duncan Ash, Senior Director Global FS, Qlik

    This session shows how risk and finance can work together and optimize profits based on a clearly defined risk appetite framework. Examples will be shown from a number of customer applications which show how risk and finance can work together to be more profitable.

  • Modern Analytics in Finance: Panel featuring Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, & Qlik

    Joshua Gabby, Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase

    Dennis Johnson, SVP Finance and Chief Accounting Officer, Qlik

    Gerard Miley, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Paul Van Siclen, Director of Market Development, Qlik

    With completeness, accuracy, and timeliness at the center of the move to a fact-based decision making culture, the panel will discuss of each of their organizations use a modern analytics platform to drive grow and profitability, manage risk, and reduce costs. Panelists include: Ged Miley - Deloitte, Joshua Gabby - JPMorgan Chase, and Dennis Johnson - Qlik. Specific topics discussed on how analytics impact these important roles of the CFO office will be; strategy development, financial planning & analysis, pricing, continuous improvements, and internal control environment

  • Evolving to Cloud: Qlik's Cloud Portfolio

    Josh Good, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Qlik

    Qlik in investing heavily in growing a portfolio of cloud solutions for big and small customers. Almost every company's data gravity is shifting from on premise and to the cloud, requiring a flexible evolving approach to analytics. In this session learn Qlik’s approach to cloud analytics. Get the details of Qlik’s current and future cloud offerings, including full SaaS, Hybrid and managed cloud services.

  • Balancing Governance and Self-Service without Compromise

    Josh Good, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Qlik

    All too often governance and self-service are talked about as two opposing forces with IT focused on governance and the business focused on self-service. This traditional thinking is being modernized due to visual analytics platforms. Through a combination of technologies and new perspectives, business are becoming the champions of governance and IT are becoming the champions of self-service. This change in perspective is freeing up organizations from “IT vs Business” grid lock and enabling everyone to achieve their strategic goals. Learn why this is happening and what it takes to make the change to have governed self-service without compromise.

  • Qlik Roadmap

    Hjalmar Gislason, VP of Data, Qlik

    Josh Good, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Qlik

    Christopher Ilacqua, Director Product Management - Qlik Sense, Qlik

    This session will provide a look forward at Qlik's roadmap for all of our products, across our three main pillars of innovation - Analytics, Data, and Cloud. You will hear about our high level strategy and product release timeline, upcoming features and capabilities for Qlik Sense, QlikView, and our other products, and new innovation ideas we are exploring across our products and platform.

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