Thank you to all who attended

From over 280 sessions to the evening at the Star Stadium, Qonnections 2019 was a blast.

We enjoyed hearing from industry experts, customers, and partners on how they harness the power of Qlik to drive their digital transformation. Here are the 2019 net takeaways:

  • Democratization of Data: The addition of Attunity means that Qlik® can now support the complete, end-to-end data and analytics supply chain. Our Data Integration Platform, which contains both Attunity and Qlik Data Catalyst®, can accelerate the discovery and availability of analytics-ready data by automating real-time data streaming, refinement, cataloging and publishing.
  • Data Literacy for All: Our mission to provide the education, technology, and business strategies that create a data-literate world — where everyone can speak the language of data, and use it with confidence to make discoveries that change the game. In support of this mission, we just introduced the first globally recognized certification that will enable individuals to document and demonstrate their data literacy skills.
  • Embedded analytics everywhere: With the introduction of Qlik Core® to the portfolio, Qlik now supports our customers’ embedding needs from simple to complex using the platform’s core to allow for embedding in devices, allowing us to push analytics at the edge in IoT environments. We’re able to improve all decision-making across the business, from the C-suite to employee/customer portals to the extreme edge.
  • Insights through Augmented Analytics: Associative Indexing + Augmented Intelligence = AI2. Augmented Intelligence is now a reality and Qlik is leading the way into the 3rd generation of BI helping people become more data literate through insight generation, automation, and natural language interaction.
  • Enterprise Class Platform and Technology: Our SaaS deployment for Qlik Sense®Enterprise provides all the benefits of our industry-leading analytics platform, without the infrastructure costs. Qlik’s multi-cloud strategy is all about full deployment choice, and your ability to run analytics across multiple cloud infrastructures, managed as one integrated system with a seamless experience for your users.

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