Be a big BI deal

Get even better at what you’re already great at.

  • BI Professionals

    Curious about adoption strategies, app migration, and everything in between? Need help building an end-to-end analytics strategy? Expert discussions, in-depth sessions, and hands-on exercises will take your BI skills further, faster.

  • Business Analysts

    You’ve got the skills. Now it’s the time to push yourself and discover entirely new ways to think about data. See product demos. Join collaborative sessions. And explore innovative tech that can help you put your business in the lead.

  • Data Gurus

    Discover the most innovative approaches to solving complex business challenges with data – from data management to visual analysis and everything in between. Join sessions about IoT, connectivity, and more – and see data in surprising new ways.

  • Business leaders

    Get advice directly from leading businesses about creating a data-literate organization and using data to impact decision-making from the top down. Plus, see how upcoming innovations can keep your business agile and boost your bottom line.

  • System Admins

    Scale your skills. Scale your credibility. And scale your enterprise. You play a critical role in helping your business lead with data, and we’re here to help you succeed. From security rules to deployment frameworks and hybrid cloud opportunities, you’ll leave with new tricks, tips, and possibilities.

  • Developers

    Newbie or guru? Doesn’t matter. Even the best developers need development, and we’ve got you covered with API education sessions, community development opportunities, and dev use cases. Want to push yourself even further? Put your skills to the test in our hackathon, where you’ll create solutions for real-world problems.

Why Attend

Get new skills. Connect with smart people. Blaze trails. Whether you live and breathe data or you’re just starting out, Qonnections has insight, knowledge, and inspiration you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Inspiration

    First-hand success stories. Super-fresh ideas. Never-before-seen approaches that make your brain bulge. Qonnections will renew your passion for data.

  • Education

    Sit-down talks or roll-up-your-sleeves sessions? Take your pick – or pick both. And don’t miss walking the floor at the Discovery Expo to ogle all the mouth-watering new tech.

  • Innovation

    Who knows what the future looks like? You’re about to. Hear straight from Qlik and our partners about how the 3rd wave of BI is driving transformation in ways you’ve never seen.

  • Connections

    3,500+ data-lovers in one place? Yup. Go to all the events, talks, and sessions you can handle – and meet people who can talk endlessly about the things you love most.

  • Certification

    Put your Qlik knowledge to the test – literally – and leave with official certifications that amp up your cred and give you opportunities to lead. Register today!

  • Texas–Sized Fun

    Hot, juicy BBQ. Twangy live music. The big, blue sky. May is the perfect month for enjoying all the stuff that makes Dallas Dallas.

Make a date with data destiny. Don’t miss this chance to get even better at data.

Does somebody need convincing?

Need help convincing the higher-ups? We get it. To make it easier, our justification letter breaks down the details: what you’ll gain from attending Qonnections, how much it costs, and how you’ll return to the office with knowledge that can give your business the opportunity to reinvent its approach to data – and take the lead.

Everywhere you turn, there’s something else to learn, someone new to meet, and some approach or idea you hadn’t thought of.