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  • Set Analysis for Beginners

    Michael Tarallo, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Qlik

    Sometimes you need to look from another angle to get a better, more complete perspective. The same is true for your data. With Set Analysis you can restrict metrics to a specific set of data, define conditions, and ignore selections, enabling a deeper dive into the information in front of you.

    In this session, you will learn:

    What Set Analysis is
    How Set Analysis is used
    The Set Analysis Expression
    Our new Set Expression Builder

    You'll see how the expression leverages data already loaded into Qlik with demonstrations that work in both QilkView and Qlik Sense.

  • Advanced Analytics Embedded Into Business Processes

    Moving from "Discovery" tools that allow free exploration of data, to more process driven analytics can magnify the impact of your data driven solutions. At Ford, we are implementing advanced analytics in all areas of our business. The magic is in how it is implemented - not how advanced the analytic might be. This session will showcase some of these implementation techniques that are yielding extraordinary economic benefits!

  • Secrets of the Qlik Architect

    Deepak Vadithala (DV), BI & Data Visualisation lead, JPMorgan & Chase

    In the past, to become a Qlik developer, one needed to know Scripting, Data Modelling, Set Analysis and SQL etc. However, with the launch of Qlik Sense, a Qlik developer’s role has changed considerably. With Qlik Sense offered as a self-service platform, it is essential for Qlik developers to expand their skills beyond data modelling. Qlik Sense has many APIs to extend, embed and expand. It is a rapidly evolving product and keeping up with the rapid growth of new technologies is not an easy job.
    Many Qlik developers lack foundational architecture skills, and traditional software architects do not understand the Qlik ecosystem and capabilities. Software architecture introduced a lot of jargons and metrics, which might be overwhelming for developers which could lead to a skill gap.
    Having enterprise and solution architecture skills is the foundational building blocks of a successful Qlik Sense installation & implementation. This session will teach you how to think like an architect and will explain the different types of architects. The session will also introduce architecture jargons and it will highlight the importance of agile architecture and the roles, expectations, and “ilities” a Qlik architect. Finally, this session will cover different topics of enterprise architecture such disaster recovery, mitigating SPOF, building resilience and finally security landscape.

  • Qlik Sense Center of Excellence (CoE), Governance & Best Practices: A Customer’s Perspective

    Madhavi Basawaraju, Sr. Solutions Architect, Genuine Parts Company

    Mike Robertson, Director Business Intelligence / Guided Analytics, Genuine Parts Company

    Find out why and how Genuine Parts Company implemented a Qlik Sense Center of Excellence (CoE) across the organization. The Qlik Sense Center of Excellence is a multi-faceted team that helps drive adoption, usage and governance in a Qlik ecosystem.
    This session will cover:
    • CoE Timeline
    • Why a CoE is necessary
    • Goals of a CoE
    • CoE Model
    • Governance
    • Development & Visualization Standards
    • Infrastructure
    • Lessons Learned

  • Running Large Qlik Sense Projects - tips to ensure success

    George Beaton, Managing Director, Hawklaw Consulting Ltd

    As more and more enterprise customers adopt Qlik technologies there is an increasing demand for large scale projects utilising Qlik technologies and multi developer teams. George Beaton from Hawklaw Consulting shares his experience, successes and failures on large Qlik projects. In this session, George shares:

    * How to estimate
    * A BI specific way to gather requirements
    * How to use wireframes/mockups
    * How to do data discovery
    * Dev-ops and tooling
    * Deciding on an agile, waterfall or hybrid approach for your project delivery
    * Team mix - choosing the right roles at the right times
    * Testing and release
    * Support and maintenance

  • Sense Problem Solving - Round table discussion forum

    Joe Easley, Qlik Administrator, Odyssey Logistics

    Are you a Designer who is just starting out and don't have much experience? Everyone has been there some time or another and needed some help. Join Odyssey Logistics's team of developers for an open round table discussion where you can obtain practical help with your development challenges. Our team has developed and deployed operational and tactical apps for a global client base, and done most of it with our own self-taught experience, and we think you can do the same! Let us spend some time helping you out so that one day you can give back to the Qlik Community in the same way.

  • Qlik Development Do's and Don'ts - Quick Fire

    Richard Pearce, Director, TAG Analytics

    Hold Tight! We will be rapidly covering Qlik development Do's and Don'ts in this quick fire session!

    Focusing on the script, we will look at common traps to avoid and how to maximize performance.

    We will also see how correct data modelling supports expression writing and how to consider end users’ needs and build a strong foundation for further development.

  • Building a Center of Excellence, Leading with Data & Data Literacy at Lenovo

    Sean Rogers, Director of Operations, Data Visualization CoE Leader, Lenovo

    At Lenovo, our vision is that Lenovo will create personal devices more people are inspired to own, a culture more people aspire to join and an enduring, trusted business that is well respected around the world. A major part of this commitment is leading with data and enabling an organization of Data Literate leaders.
    Join Sean Rogers, Lenovo’s Director of Operations and Reporting, IDG and Data Visualization Center of Excellence to explore the journey with Qlik Sense in building a world class Center of Excellence. We’ll start with WHY we considered building a CoE. Then we’ll take a look at the mission and innovative design. We will share our successes and lessons learned, all done in full concert with Qlik teams, adopting Qlik Infusion and partnering with Qlik Customer Success for results.